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August 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

Woooow I can’t believe it, here I am writing my first post on my blog (okay okay its not mine its for Weebly, wordpress but do I have to reinvent the wheel ? I guess not…). I should have started blogging one year ago, but I had these bad questions in my mind that managed to make me postpone the idea, I will talk about the three major ones:

1. I don’t have enough time, and I have many things to do.
2. What will I achieve from blogging?
3. Why the hell should someone somewhere on earth be interested about what I write?

I don’t have enough time and I have many things to do
This was one of the major reasons that stopped me. I came to Italy in november 2007, right after my graduation as an electrical and computer engineer from Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) in Palestine (if you don’t know where is Palestine, you really need to read some stuff on wikipedia). My goal was to get a Master degree, which I soon realized that it was not for me, so after one month I decided to get into business and start working and leave university. While seeking for a job I realized that I had to learn many things (that I didn’t learn or even hear about in university) to be able to find an adequate job, and getting a place a bit above the average graduates, I used to read a lot of books day and night, everywhere in trains, in metros, at home in the gardens. Every time I had a job interview and realized that there is something I don’t know I got a book for it and studied the whole book, during this period I was still going to university but in the same time preparing myself intensively to become a good job candidate.

Believe it or not finding the first job is not that easy, I wish I would have read Joel post about finding a job that days. Anyway the IT market in Milan was full of job offers and I got some offers (good ones and bad ones, a company offered me 15 euros per day WTF!! are you kidding me??). I decided to start working in a company named DPP (Data Professional Products) after a short period of time I had my nice position in the company, but I was greedy for technology and always trying to be better and know more and more stuff and technologies, so I decided to get some java certifications and learn some of the hot technologies back that days (EJB3, Unit Testing, Spring, Hibernate). Yes I am a Java guy there is no .NET stuff. Anyway being busy building a good technological basement to start my career prevented me from blogging. However now I achieved a good position in the market (from my point of view), I got a new job offer which I accepted, and its time to taste the fruits of my achievements till now. In the mean time I will be blogging, however I am not going to leave learning which is like oxygen for me, but I will not read a complete book in 48 hours, I will just return to be a human.

What will I achieve from blogging?
Well writing is not as easy as it seems, believe me the process of moving thoughts from your brain converting them to a sequence of letters composing words and sentences that someone else (the reader) reads is something really difficult, at the same time it is something important, especially for software developers. You have to learn how to write things for normal people, you can’t talk with a java compiler for the rest of your life. In addition I want to archive and share what happens during my working experience. Think of this blog as my diary, and I am sure it will be useful one day, either for me or for someone else (may be you who knows??). So for now I will just write down what happens with me, and I will wait for time to do its job (its the same as wine just store it and wait).

Finally, one of the main reasons, its my last experience when I was searching for a new job, I was frustrated how recruiters are so dump ass stupid, they just can’t understand that a good developer is better than 2 or 3 normal ones. can’t you just give the good developer a higher salary which for sure is less than what the 3 normal developers will cost you together, and get the same job of the three developers done and may be a bit more?? they just don’t get it. Anyway after getting a big NO from one recruiter because he thought I was asking too much (he was thinking to save 200 bucks just to make his boss happy, and may be get a salary raise) , I was so angry that I wanted to beat the first person I see (unless he was stronger than me), but no instead I wrote an email to a person who influenced me a lot, but that I never met personally, while writing the email I wasn’t angry anymore as if the process of writing absorbed all my anger, so I reached to a conclusion; writing is really helpful, at least for me!!. And from that day I got this flash and decided to start blogging. I know I know you are asking who was the guy I sent the email, I will tell you later just keep reading.

Why the hell should someone somewhere on earth be interested in what I write?
I don’t know, and I don’t care, but I am pretty sure that everyone has some goals in his mind (unless they are retarded), and experience of other people was really helpful for me. So I think  that from all the stuff I will be writing I may and I am saying maybe I will write something that will pop up while you are searching through google, that may help someone having an experience similar to mine. In addition I will be posting all my experiences and major problems I face and solve (and that I can’t solve) during my daily work, and may be some recipes for the kitchen too, what about Spaghetti with Zucchini?When and from where I will be writing? good question… I will be writing whenever I have time, whenever I can have access to a QWERTY keyboard may be a DVORAK one too (I still need to learn how to use it … please don’t tell me that I have to press the button and get that letter printed on the screen WOW amazing!!), from my macbook, my iphone, or from my work PC it doesn’t matter, I will be writing whenever i need to, or have something new or useful to say.

OK OK I am done for now, if you are interested welcome on board, and come visit me, if it happens that you are one of those great guys that have an iPhone (I will keep saying iPhone until you realize that I have one) or any other device able to read RSS feeds (can Zune do it??) Then you can register to the RSS and you will get notified whenever I post something new. Now I will get spammed with emails telling me how the iPhone is very expensive and useless, do you have a video camera ?? can you send files over bluetooth ?? can you  have access to the file system ?? can you change it’s battery when its dead ?? I DON’T CARE I love it and its a neat piece of technology and design for me, I will post something about the iPhone one day 🙂

Well thats it, thanks for your time.

Oops I almost forgot, the guy I emailed is named Joel Spolskey he has a great Blog named Joel On Software, and he has a great company and writes great posts, I really suggest you to take a look at his Blog, you will learn new interesting stuff.


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