File system navigation program

February 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today I started to set up a serious development environment on my mac, and the first thing I needed is a good file navigation program, at work I use a windows XP machine and for me their navigation system sucks, it is slow, inefficient and you waste a lot of time doing ordinary stuff like copying a file from one directory to another, deleting files, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, for a normal user it may be enough, but for a programmer things change, so I set a ranking system based on the following:

1. Can you look at two directories at the same time?
2. Can you navigate through directories very fast, and without using the mouse?
3. Can you do everything using keyboard shortcuts? with no need to right click on icons? such as copying files, getting their information, sending them by email, compressing them?
4. Can you compare two files, or two directories? for example you have two versions of the same file, that you want to compare on the fly to see what is difference between them.
5. Can you map network drivers, and FTP folders and navigate through them as normal drives?
6. Can you compress files/folders on the fly?
7. Can you see hidden files?
8. Can you run commands from the command prompt/terminal through the program?

In a windows environment the best application in my opinion is Total Commander, I get used to it, and now I can’t use a windows computer without it, and it meets all the points mentioned above, so I searched the internet for a Total Commander program for Mac, and found this great application named Disk Order 3.0 its exactly the same as Total Commander, it just does whatever I want as I want 🙂 I LOVE IT.


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